Serial Killer's Homicidal Musings

Swingin' on the hatchet

Serial Killer n Arizona...
10 September 1977

Name: Shane
Birthdate: 09.10.1977
Age: 29
Sex: Male. Duh.
Hair: Brown and short
Eyes: Steel blue
Location: Tucson, Arizona
Occupation: Porno Pizza Man
Status: Taken, sorry girls

Sitting inside myself
A place I hate to go
I wish I could end the pain right now
I wish it was not so slow

Down with the clown till I'm dead in the ground...

Well... I have been down for... Like 7 years... *LOL* I have a lot of merch and I even have the Hatchet Man tatted on my leg... But hell... That all means nothing. Thats all good for people who are in it just for the music... For me it is my life. All I need in life is family... My blood and true Juggalos. I am not some little kid running around like "Look! I have a band tattooed on my leg!!" That ink that will forever mark my skin means so much more to me. It is all about who I am and what I believe in... And that, at least in my mind, is a real Juggalo...

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Things I know about drinking...

Hangovers only last a day, but a good drinking story lives on forever.

A good drinking buddy will bail you out of jail, but a great drinking buddy will be sitting in the cell beside you, saying, “Man, that was awesome!”

The Six Joker Cards are Love

That's right... You boys are my bitches from here on out...